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AABA recognizes that recovery takes courage and hard work. Having clinicians who specialize in treating eating disorders can facilitate this process. Like most relationships, a treatment relationship relies on a good “fit”.

About Treatment and Recovery

Individuals with eating disorders can make a complete recovery. Effective care usually involves a multidisciplinary team of specialists who develop a plan that best suits the needs of the individual and his/her family. Individuals seeking outpatient treatment typically work with a psychotherapist, dietitian, and physician, and may participate in group therapy or a support group. Individuals in need of more intensive treatment may benefit from an inpatient, day treatment or intensive outpatient program before they return to outpatient therapy.

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AABA is also listed with the following sites:

  • NEDA – AABA is a network member of the National Eating Disorders Association
  • ANAD – AABA is listed with ANAD and our support group is also an ANAD Support Group
  • Gurze – Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue – “the most widely used resource in the field since 1980.”
  • EDReferral – Eating Disorders referral and information database of treatment providers